I put pride in many of my charcteristics. Others i dislike and wish i didn’t possess. However, it’s my charcteristics along with my abilities that makes me who i am. Just like it is for you. 

One of my abilities i’d like to think of as a power, a might. And that is my ability to forgive, and to say I’m sorry. It’s something i’ve practiced and always try to improve about myself. 

To be able to forgive is something really beautiful. It is hard sometimes, but to be able to move forward, to learn and to fully live, one must do that. It’s not about forgetting though, just see past what needs forgiving and see the strength in that. It means you want to try and understand.

It is equally as hard to say I’m sorry. And equally as important. If you can say I’m sorry and truly mean it you’re on your way to greatness. Say you’re sorry and try to explain to the one you’ve done wrong what happend. You’ll be surprised how willing people are to forgive. Never forget, but forgive. There is a beauty in that as well.